Instructions for use Idealica

Drops Idealica – the optimal method of reducing body weight. The tool allows you to get a beautiful and slim figure, without resorting to dieting and heavy physical exercises. Weight loss Program takes three stages, which allows you to gradually reduce the weight and to obtain a stable result.

Indications drops Idealica

Drops Idealica they are designed for the reduction of body weight, obtaining beautiful contours of the characters and get a charge of vivacity. For some categories of people drops Idealica – the only way to lose weight. This primarily refers to those people whom it is contraindicated exercise and dietary restrictions. Idealica - 100% of the comprehensive management of overweight.

Use drops Idealica in the following cases:

  • for obesity and extra weight
  • Bert drops Idealica for the removal of fat on the abdomen, hips, buttocks
  • when the excess body fat in problem areas,
  • vague character, without clear outlines,
  • the absence of the normal power mode,
  • an unbalanced diet,
  • the inability to control your appetite.

Drops you in all situations, the effect of the use of a similar result from diets and gym visits. The composition of the tool completely balanced, comprehensive effect means acts immediately in all directions.

Instructions for use resources

To achieve the desired result, it is important to know how to use the tool. The ultimate effect of weight loss will be noticeable within 28 days.

For this, in order to obtain the desired shape, take 25 drops means twice a day. Dissolve drops in water or juice and or drink 30 minutes before a meal. The drops have a pleasant fruity taste and smell. Lose weight with pleasure!

Contraindications for the intake of the drug

A means consisting exclusively of natural ingredients. Its use does not cause side effects. Carefully read the ingredients before drinking, in the case of the individual intolerance of the components of the preparation should consult with a doctor. Keep the drops in a dry and cool place. Do not give medication to children. Take care of from exposure to direct sunlight.

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